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Cumberland Sound Recording Studios: Home


Cumberland Sound Studios offers professional audio recording. We offer 24 track Digital as well as 16 track 1" Analog reel to reel thru a vintage analog mixer.  With a 26' by 30' tracking room, 16' by 10' drum room and vocal Iso room, we have plenty of space to handle your needs. Our large 14' by 20' control room allows plenty of room to relax and enjoy your session.

 Our Equipment List includes numerous outboard effects units, dynamics processors and equalisers. We can mix to Digital or Analog media.

 Our ample mic collection includes Dynamics, Condensers, Omnis and Ribbons by Electra Voice, Shure, Rode, Sennheiser,Peavy and many others.

    We have a complete back-line of tube and solid state amps, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, keyboards and drums, including Hammond organs and Leslie speaker combos.

    We can provide you with top session studio muscians, Music arangement services and full CD packages.

Ask about our special packages for songwriters!  Call or e-mail us today for rates.


 We would love to be a part of your next project!

"50 years  and counting of great sound"